About Door Open: The Serpent And Lion Twin


In 2010, while living in Tanzania, I often ogled (in obsession) about the beautiful doors of Zanzibar. Taking many photos and buying pictures of these storied wooden doors, I was too allured by their beauty and mysticism to understand the meaning behind the constant obsession.
I never thought the doors would symbolize my own touch of death, an experience that changed my life forever. The near death was my doorway and I had to choose to walk through it or not.

In December 2010, on the cusp of entering a near death experience as a result collective medical misfortune in Tanzania, I worked through the shadows of life and emerged upon these crucial lessons:

- Walk beyond sight,
- Leap beyond reason, and;
- Live unafraid between the worlds of life and death.

I had to stop looking at the door and step beyond the threshold of the door in order to truly live. Something I wasn't doing before my untimely illness.

This blog is my expressed knowing that the door represents the key to the soul and we have it and can use it. If we choose not to open it (the door), we aren't open to the abundance of the experience that's waiting.

This is my story of stepping beyond the threshold of fear and embracing the unknown behind the door. This is the unleashing of the wild from within: the woman, the shaman, the serpent, and my lion twin.


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