Halifax DK185 crash site Ilkley Moor

by Shaun Taylor September. 15, 2019 80 views

One Sunday afternoon whilst walking on Ilkley Moor I came across this memorial to the crew of a Halifax bomber that crashed on the Moor

On 31st January 1944 the crew of this aircraft took off from Dishforth to undertake a cross-country night navigation exercise, some period of time into the flight and while forty miles off their intended course the aircraft was flying in low cloud and mist in the Ilkley area. The aircraft flew into Ilkley Moor not far from the Swastika Stone at around 17.30hrs whilst flying a rough southerly heading and caught fire. Seven airmen would sadly die as a result of the crash however one of these had initially survived but died of his injuries. Local people made their way to the scene of the crash were able to find him alive and attempt to save his life, they carried him down off the moor on a gate and he had told his rescuers they had become lost and were trying to find Yeadon airfield, they had descended through a layer of cloud and struck the ground. He was taken to High Royds Hospital in Menston but sadly died soon after and there is a suggestion that this was the flight engineer as he did not speak with a Canadian accent.

Photos of the crew can be found at http://www.yorkshire-aircraft.co.uk/aircraft/planes/dales/dk185.html

It's a shame that so much of the site has been removed over the years

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