A visit to Aberystwyth

by Shaun Taylor September. 16, 2019 145 views

Whilst in Wales recently we took a quick visit to the town. Like many resorts the town has seen better days but still does its best to provide a traditional seaside holiday. Parking in the town is a total nightmare but in the end we ended up at the end by the Lifeboat station and the view were great

The tide was coming in and splashing over the breakwater. There is a ruined castle and one of the largest and war memorials I have ever seen

The memorial commemorates local people who died in the First and Second world wars. It was unveiled in 1923. Its designer was Mario Rutelli, an acclaimed Italian sculptor. The winged figure atop the column represents Victory, alighting on the Earth with news of victory and peace. The globe which Victory stands on bears the names of some of the local men killed in the First World War.

At the foot of the column, a naked woman emerging from tangled foliage is depicted, representing Humanity rising from the chaos of war.

Most of Rutelli’s work was in Italy, but he was also responsible for the 1922 statue of the Prince of Wales, the future King Edward VIII, which stands outside the old college building in Aberystwyth.

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