by Shaun Taylor October. 07, 2019 75 views

Over the last few years this cycle race as grown and grown and I have been fortunate to have either seen it every year or to have worked on it. For the amateur photographer the event offers the challenge of trying to capture the action with quite literally passes in seconds with no second chance

The start of a days stage is an easier place to start than when the cyclist are at speed, but the drawback is that the area can be very crowded

The professionals have it slightly easier in that they are allowed inside the barrier at the start

The escort vehicles offer a different opportunity to capture some action, although they to travel at some speed

If you are there early enough try to pick a point just coming off a bend, because they will have slowed at least a little entering the bend, you have slightly better chance of getting a good action shot

Sadly Yorkshire hasn't alway provided the best weather for the event so remember to look at the crowd for that shot that captures the day

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