The story of Trinity Shopping Centre

by Shaun Taylor November. 27, 2019 152 views

Over the last few years Leeds has developed into one of the key shopping locations in the north of England and a large part of that has been due to the development of the Trinity

The project started with the demolition of some old seventies building that didn't really work. The amazing thing was that they completed this without any damage to Holy Trinity Church which dates back to the 1700

For quiet some time the city centre was dominated by high cranes lifting everything into place

The large dome of the centre was installed around the rear of the church and the whole thing fits in very well and works

Parts of the centre received a new front a slight extension whilst other parts were built from new

The new frontage on Boar Lane works very well

The centre provides a cover shopping area that has proved to be popular with shoppers from all over

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