A visit to Barrow in Furness

by Shaun Taylor January. 08, 2020 57 views

Once upon a time Barrow must have been a thriving town, with the docks and the Railway, unfortunately over the last few years like many towns in the North it has struggled

For many years this large crane was a symbol of the power of the dockyard and the work that was done there

BAE systems who now own the dockyard have built some of the latest submarines for the Royal Navy including HMS Astute

HMS Onyx saw service in the Falkland War and was purchased to be part of a Submarine museum at Barrow unfortunately this went bankrupt and the submarine was eventually scrapped to pay off debts

Barrow Railway Station contains the memorial to staff of the Furness Railway Company who fell in the Great War. The memorial was damaged during a German raid in the Second war and has never been repaired

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