Random British Police Stations

by Shaun Taylor January. 17, 2020 419 views

I have been part of the policing family for as long as I can remember. These photos do not represent any particular history or force just some interesting buildings I have come across

Chapel Allerton Police Station, Leeds opened in 1900 and closed in 1990. A building of great character but unfortunately not big enough for the demand of modern policing

Batley Police station with its original West Riding Crest, a grand old building that has sadly been sold off

The old County Police Station at Dalton, from the times when such buildings made statements about how well off the borough or county force were.

The sign above the door of the old police station, London Rd, Manchester. The building opened in 1906 and had a fire and ambulance statio, and a Coroners Court in the same buildings. It cost £142,00

Otley Police Station, West Yorkshire 1970's building that has seen better days

Carnforth Police Station, Cumbria. One of the old police houses has been converted into a police station to serve the local community

The old Police Station at Lancaster dates back to 1839 and even today makes an impressive building

British Transport Police have some interesting station that can often be found in quiet parts of Railway Station. This one is at Carlisle

Sadly Millgarth Police Station in the centre of Leeds was demolished a few years back to make way for the new shopping centre

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