Random northern railway stations 2

by Shaun Taylor February. 11, 2020 160 views

The last few years I seem to have spent a lot of my life on the railways and they are always a good place for a photograph

Selby station lies between Leeds and Hull and seems to attract commuters going both ways. The current station dates back to 1840

Selby Swing-bridge is an iconic Victorian structure, located just to the north of Selby Railway Station. It carries the rail lines between Doncaster and Hull over the River Ouse, which at this point is navigable. The swing-bridge is consequently in regular use.

The bridge was built in 1889 by Messrs. Nelson & Co of York and the Cleveland Bridge Company of Darlington to allow river traffic to pass without hindrance under the railway. The bridge has four fixed spans and a moveable span of approximately 40m that rotates through 90 degrees to lie parallel with the north bank of the river. By this means a clear 18m wide navigation channel is achieved.

Carlisle station dates back to 1840 and shows how well connected the area must have been in the heyday of the railways

Huddersfield station dates back to 1840 and has a faded charm that reminds you of better days

Leeds Railway station from a couple of years back before its latest refit. The frontage has now gone and been replaced by and ultra modern replacement. The purple bendy buses that you can see in the picture have also gone the same way.

Leeds dates back to 1937 in its current form and this part is the most original

Sadly the Pacer trains that were introduced in the eighties as a stop gap are virtually all gone. They were not very comfortable but would run twice as long as their replacements without a breakdown meaning more trains ran on time.

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