Dark Satanic mills a visit to Bradford

by Shaun Taylor March. 20, 2020 180 views

Bradford get a hard press at times for lots of reasons, but it has come along way from being the home of just the mills and nothing else. Some of the old mills are coming back there are now more people working in the wool trade than there have been for a decade

J. B Priestley was a Bradford lad having been born in Manningham in 1865. Like many of his generation he served during the Great War, initially as a private soldier but then as a Commissioned Officer. His war service convinced him that was was wrong and he became a finding member of CND

He is one of the most underrated authors in the country

The Wool Exchange in Bradford is clever use of a classic building. The building was completed in 1867 and was one of the most important buildings in the city. It was completed in 1867

The Broadway is Bradford's latest retail centre. After a delay due to the recession it is now up and running

The buildings within Little Germany date back to the 19th century, developing from 1855. They are the legacy of merchants from mainland Europe, many of them Jewish, who spent large sums of money constructing imposing warehouses for the storage and sale of their goods for export. A large proportion of the merchants came from Germanyhence the name Little Germany.

The Queen Victoria monument was unveiled 4th May 1904 by the Prince Of Wales. The sculpture was Alfred Drury

Sunwin House, opened in 1936 as The Co-operative Emporium, the flagship store of Bradford's Co-operative Society. It was designed by W A Johnson, the Co-operative Wholesale Society's chief architect, in the 'International Modernist' style. It's a Grade II listed building,

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