So How Did We Get These Photos Part 2 To The Top?

by Sherij October. 17, 2007 6119 views

We made it to the top or as far as we can drive 9,500 feet. There was still another 4,933 feet to go by foot!! maybe another day and a warmer day.

Part 3 tomorrow… :) :)

Aahh the 4x4 machine..Love this little SUV.. It has serious power and loads of ground clearence!!

Spotted a Beaver pond on the way up!!

Here we are the top at last!!

Dang them beavers can stop alot of water!! Started snowing on us at 9,500 feet…

Enlarge ……. please and thanks …….The top a nice calm beaver pond!!

This one is for PattyB. Who called me Bev Dolittle.. :)

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Tom 9 years, 12 months ago

Ohhhhhh Wow!! Love the shots, started to pick favorites but they are all real cool Thanks

9 years, 12 months ago Edited
Tom Paterson 9 years, 12 months ago

Love the last, I've added it to my favourites.

9 years, 12 months ago Edited
Iris St.Onge 9 years, 12 months ago

Awesome shot with the last one! Thanks for sharing! ; )

9 years, 12 months ago Edited
Larisa 10 years ago

i dont like forest but you gave an another perspective! thanks for sharing

10 years ago Edited
Tim 10 years ago

omg this set is simply stunning, I would love to visit that place, would just sit and stare at beaver's job,,,impressive, ty for showing us all this wonders

10 years ago Edited
Kevin 10 years ago

Beautiful shots. Looks like a gorgeous area to photgraph.

10 years ago Edited
Emme Tan 10 years ago

beautiful nature shots... i hope the beauty stays forever

10 years ago Edited
Peter 10 years ago

Lovely, #6 especially.

10 years ago Edited
David Cardona 10 years ago

Wonderful post! Last one´s into my favorites! Thanks for sharing!

10 years ago Edited
Jannie 10 years ago

Oh these are spectacular shots! Love this series. Hard to pick a fave, the aspens & the mountains & the pond reflections are all wonderful. I really like the deer shot!

10 years ago Edited
Rachel 10 years ago

Stunning sets. really love love them. Thanks for sharing :D

10 years ago Edited
Jon 10 years ago

what a great adventure! beautiful shots plus the beaver lodge

10 years ago Edited
Lisette Tremblay 10 years ago

Que c'est beau.
Great set.
So beautiful.

10 years ago Edited
Tonya 10 years ago

#5 is great. I don't know how it could get much better. Love the whole set!

10 years ago Edited
Dennis 10 years ago

Great, great set. I love the colors in #4 and #5. I love the ears on that mule deer.

10 years ago Edited
K 10 years ago


10 years ago Edited
É»„Æ™‹Ç†™ 10 years ago

splendid !

10 years ago Edited
Nadoune 10 years ago

Magnificents landscapes and nice shots!!!!

10 years ago Edited
Lynda 10 years ago

Oh??I wanted you to continue to the top??on foot. What spectacular scenery.

10 years ago Edited
Jet28 10 years ago

Such a beautiful place - what fun! They are all stunning :-)

10 years ago Edited
Angela 10 years ago

I love going on hikes with you! Thanks! I think of you when I see the 3 deer at dusk on my street when I come home in the evening.

10 years ago Edited
Alicehume 10 years ago

#6 is very special. The watcher being watched!

10 years ago Edited
Fionarobinson 10 years ago

love the last one with the deer, the tone of it is wonderful, well caught

10 years ago Edited
Jacquesr 10 years ago

Very good set.

10 years ago Edited
Pete 10 years ago

next time invite me along PLS

10 years ago Edited
Luke Zou 10 years ago

I did enlarge every shot... just great!

10 years ago Edited
Emily 10 years ago

Number 5 is beautiful.

10 years ago Edited
"Stephanie" 10 years ago

These photos have left me speechless - outstanding

10 years ago Edited
Mario Jean 10 years ago

Very nice photos, especially #2 & 4. Looking forward to no.3.

10 years ago Edited
Mybigbackyard 10 years ago

Your entire series could be a commercial for your SUV! Great shots!

10 years ago Edited