Shineofleo's Landscape Posts

Yes Shanghai is really a big,big city in China, very modern and new, also with a traffic problem and air pollution.

Keep snowing! It is beautiful, but it is annoying… Sadly I have go to work today, so it is time for DC instead of DSLR… :(

I got up very early trying to catch the Comet McNaughty 2006 P1. But I failed, the cloud was so thick, that the even sunrise can not be seen… Sigh… just some…

Stirling Castle. Still, it was not a nice day, but not bad. My right ankle was injured again, Damn it!!!

Luckily it stopped rainning. Nikon D200, Nikkor 1000mm Reflex with Kenko 1.4X teleconverter. ISO 100, F/11 1/50s