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by Shirgirp June. 20, 2008 990 views

I took these photographs when I was on my way to and from work the other day. In India people say “snaps” (short for “snapshots”) a lot more than in the US. I like saying “snaps” instead of “photos” or “pictures”. I am definitely opposed to “pix”, although my friend Neha loves to use that sort of slang. Sometimes I think young people in India are enthralled with all the worst parts of mainstream American culture.

These first three snaps are from the main street in front of my neighborhood. I head over here to catch autorickshaws in the morning, and I walk down this street to get to the really dirty little market near my house (Guru Nanak market) and the really ritzy big market in the area (M Block market).

This sign is new. The old sign was small and blue and just said “library” in white letters. It faces exactly across from my colony (=neighborhood), so I used it as my reference point on the way home back when I didn't know my way around so well. I'm kind of sad about the change. I'll see if I have a snap of the old sign and if I do I'll try to post it one of these days.

These photos are all a bit unrefined because I'm a big fan of taking secret snaps. I like the lomography approach–shoot from the hip. Don't pose, don't adjust, just shoot. I think it's nice to have portraits, too, but sometimes I think that secret snaps give a better idea of what's actually seen. Probably because you're actually able to see, instead of looking through a viewfinder.

These are taken from my autorickshaw. This is a flyover (kind of a ramp/bridge system) on the way to Hauz Khas Enclave.

Indane is the gas used for stoves here. You don't run gas pipes through your house, but instead just get a new tank and hook it up with a hose.

I this sort of little Indane delivery truck so much. They're kind of a truck/autorickshaw hybrid, with one wheel in the front and two in the back. They're smaller than a regular car. I think they're really cute and they make me happy whenever I see them. Sometimes fellows also bicycle around to deliver the tanks.

A big Indane truck and some construction.

My auto-wallah (=autorickshaw driver) had this boy with him when I went to the stand. There's a pawn (=beetle nut chew stuff) vendor at the front of my neighborhood and rickshaw-wallahs hang around there, waiting for customers. When I told one guy I needed to go to G.K. he told this older fellow to take me. He had been sitting with this boy (his grandson maybe?) and they got up and squeezed in front. This wallah knew the way there really well, which was nice, and he also turned on a good station when I noticed he had a radio system and then asked if he had FM. He and the little boy didn't bother me at all and we had a speedy ride home. When we had to turn into my neighborhood the wallah had a hard time because his arm room was restricted on account of his little passenger pal. The boy's shirt said “killer” on the back and that's why I was trying to get a snap.

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