Garnet Sand

by Steven Seidell April. 07, 2017 245 views

Sandy Point Beach on Cousins Island is well known to the geology crowd. It was named the Geologic Site of the Month in April 2008 by the Maine Geological Society and made the list of top 100 geological sites in New England. In addition to purple sand and growing sand spit, you’ll find evidence of past and present geological processes. The ancient rocks along the shore provide clues to an ocean that existed before the Atlantic and the folds attest to the action of plate tectonics. Much of the exposed rock has glacial striations from the most recent Ice Age.

Reddish-purple areas of sand can be seen on Sandy Point Beach, colored by grains of almandine garnet. Black grains of magnetite can also be seen. These can be readily identified by their attraction to a magnet.

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