Gifts From a Friend

by Steven Seidell June. 12, 2021 53 views

I have a dear friend named Marylou Lundy. We’ve been friends for over forty years and share a love of nature and a passion for gardening. She’s been my mentor and teacher as well as my friend. She has gifted me with her knowledge and experience, as well as divisions from her own garden. My garden is literally overflowing with her gifts.

In the time I have known her, Marylou has actively gardened at three different sites, most recently at her cottage at Quarry Hill. With each move, Marylou has brought her garden with her. Up until a few years ago, she knew the name of each plant, their growing requirements, and their background stories. “I brought this daylily with me from Connecticut, it belonged to Mother.”

Marylou is 95 years young. She is leaving her beloved cottage and moving into assisted living. Yesterday, we spent the morning digging and potting some of her favorite plants as gifts for friends and family.

I thank you, Marylou and dedicate the following quote to you.

“Like a chain letter, I will take a plant from this garden to the next and from the next garden to the one after that, and so on, until someday I am an old woman nurturing along a patchwork quilt of a garden, with cuttings and scraps from every garden I tended before.”
– Amy Stewart, From the Ground Up, 2001

Camden, Maine

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