History Reminds

by Sirena Lu April. 08, 2017 1606 views

After Donauinsel, we went to Hanil running sushi for some delicious Buffet. Afterwards we walked along the Flea Market there near the Ubahn Station. All of a sudden after a while, my husband saw this old man and he asked me I should take a photo of him as quick as possible before he walks away. So I took a snapshot of him: 

Jude Stern

The most important thing to notice of him is his "Jude" star hang over his chest. I was told then by my husband about the Nazis history, in which the jewish people were recognized in such way so that they will be killed or something like that. 

I guess this old man is probably a Jew and hes just trying to remind the people of this history and always learn from it. 

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