Small trip to Croatia

by Sirena Lu September. 16, 2017 3674 views

Its been such a long time! I lost track of photoblog. I cant remember exactly in which month we had a shot trip to Croatia, probably in June. Looking at the photos I took during that trip, I thought I would post some here just to share some beautiful memories with the world.

Our trip destination was Icici and Opatia port. The weather in June there was already nice and warm, the traveling season has just begun. Not yet so many people. Beautiful sunshine, beautiful port construction and sightseeing. A lot of people there could communicate with us in German.

I have to say, the structure there in these two ports look similar to that of my hometown. Qingdao is also a seaport city, and it also has the long, long walking area along the seaside for tourists, with the beautiful seaside view surrounding you. And on the other side is the city skyline.

Croatia is also constructed similar to that. But with much less people. There are many villas in the port city, and we were lucky enough to find a nice big 3-storied one located in the villa area from booking .com. Of course, the travelling season was yet to begin, which also contributed to the cheap price at that moment.

Our walk from Icici to Opatia was especially nice. The fascinating sunset by seaside, the lovely early morning sunrise view from our villa, the romantic night view at the port.... Croatia is really a nice place for travelers. This wont be our last time there.



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Heike 4 years ago

Very beautiful shots, Sirena ! you must have had very great light ! Especially #5 is dreamlike !

4 years ago Edited
Sirena Lu Replied to Heike 4 years ago

Thanks Heike! The light during the trip was most of the time quite nice! But sometimes it was a bit foggy and dim. For no.5 I also adjusted the color a bit in lightroom, so that it has a bit pop of color, since i really like those pink/bluish dreamlike tones in such shots !  :) Wish you a nice evening!

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Antonio Gil 4 years ago

A country I'm looking forward to visit. Love especially #7 and #9.

4 years ago Edited
Sirena Lu Replied to Antonio Gil 4 years ago

Thanks for the lovely comments! Yes, Croatia is really nice, if you love seaside, definitely go there to have a look! Of course, besides Icici and Opatia there are many other beautiful ports in Croatia! :)

4 years ago Edited