Mt. Etna, Day 3

by Sistaweotch July. 06, 2007 2187 views

Leaving the rifugio, hitchhiking to Nicolosi, enjoying tasty beverages, and waiting for the bus to Catania.

Don't stand too close to Saviour. He smells of Jasmine flowers.

View of the valley floor from the road. Think my shutter was sticking because of lava dust.

Washington or Sicily? Gosh, a little bit of really nice green amid the Martian landscape. :)

If you close your eyes and hold this picture in your mind, then scroll down and open your eyes, *I* will magically appear!

Who let her in? Down in front!

My trusty Merrells. SO comfy.

Saviour, about to set out and slay Philistines. Ok, not really. It's a sheep, not an ass. Darn.

I have no idea what this says. I tried and got this:

sicilian region councillorship of the forests and dell economy ascend

YOURSELVES party national of the mountain for southern italy and islands

29 Sept 1957

Yay! I've officially hitchhiked in Europe! This is Fabio, our friendly driver. We'd asked him for directions when he and a pal rode their bicycles past us earlier in the day. In a fine act of serendipity, they were loading said bicycles into his car as we were emerging from the forest, prepared to walk another 10 miles (or was it km?) to Nicolosi. Yay! All praise Fabio!

It's that famous “got eaten by lava” house. I think it was in 1986, but not sure. I only managed to snap a quick picture as we zoomed past.

Yay, thank you, Fabio!

“Alas, I should still be on the mountain! I will console myself by texting all my friends.”

Joseph is very happy to be back. Mmm, beeeer!

From Nicolosi.

“Speak not to me, lesser being! I am busy sending an SMS!”

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