Back to the Island. No, the other island -- Whidbey.

by Sistaweotch July. 09, 2007 3077 views

Last leg of my trip home from Italy. More homegrown volcanoes, a few local landmarks, the ferry ride, and – YAY! – my kitties!

Guess who?

A little light reading for the road.

Ah, yes. The classic "tuck your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye" pose!

Yay! Volcanoes!

Mount Rainier. Sigh. Almost home.

Puget Sound.

Bleh. Safeco Field.

Oh, yeah. And the Space Needle.

A fellow on the shuttle insisted on taking my picture. *shrug* Ok. Here you can see my awesome tourist shirt from Naples. No, seriously. I know it's cheesy, but I LOVE it!

Whidbey Island seen from the ferry while docked on the Mukilteo side. We were on the Cathlamet. I usually manage to make it onto the Klickitat. Still, should be ok. The Cathlamet had its once-every-few-years dock ramming a week before I left, so I am statistically safe. []

This ferry is chock full of edumacation!

Yay! Volcanoes!

Is it just me or does it seem silly to name only Mt. St. Helens a volcanic monument? Mt. Rainier is merely a Nat'l Park. Living a bit in denial, are we? Hmm?

If you say so, dude.

Ah, Clinton Ferry Dock, how I missed you! Well, no, not really. I was too busy having TONS OF FUN IN ITALY!

Yay! My little kitty remembers me!

Yay! My big kitty remembers me!

Checking out the souvenirs.

Checking out the human.

Checking out myself.

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