Doggy and Highland Games.

by Sistaweotch August. 11, 2007 2789 views

Half-shaved doggy in the sun.

Kid-sized cabers. And kids.

Silly people. It's 2007! *wink*

Pond guardian.

Watch out, duckies! The bagpipes have angered the pond god!

42 lbs.

I think this was the 11 foot mark. Later I heard it got to 14 feet. Gosh!

Kilts make for great action shots!

Adult-sized cabers. And some adults.

Gives a whole new meaning to getting hammered.

I believe he was warming up. Put this photo in for the action-ness of it all. Sadly, however, he was wearing shorts. Cheater!


Take tha', y'stupid caber! *spits*

He raised it from the ground using only his mind. It hung there for 39.3267 seconds, making him the winner of the Scottish Caber Levitron event.

Ducks are not bothered by bagpipes.

Ah, the important things! THIS is what the games are all about.

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