Island County Fair.

by Sistaweotch August. 18, 2007 3704 views

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I quite like geese.

(Feet all tucked up, so cute!)

“So then I said to her, ‘Beatrice, you have GOT to get those trimmed! I mean, my GAWD, how do you–’ Trudy, are you listening to me? TRUDY! Oh, for the love of little apples, what is it this time?”

“Fine. Two can play at that game.”



“Did you say ice cream?”

Very affectionate goat. What a sweetie!

The only full blooded Hereford there was rather busy.

Hereford-Limousin mix. Not to be confused with LIMOZEEN, the most awesomest band EVAR! []

I recorded the sounds these sheep were making. It was hilarious! BLLAAAAHH! BRAAEEHHH! But then, I'm easily entertained. They were most covetous of the extra helping of feed their neighbor received.

How could I NOT take a picture of this? Little lambies! I just want to tickle their bellies! SO CUTE! …and such a silly pose, lol.

Ah, Washington! Mere moments before, this had been a bustling metropolis, filled with important people on their way to do important things. Now an echoing, empty, soggy mess. Typical. (Photo taken from the safety of umbrellic protection.)

“The fair weather will be mostly fair, but with a fairly good chance of rain on the fairway.”

SOOOOOOOOOOOOPER ZOOM! Coincidentally, the shrieks from the ride area increased greatly as the deluge commenced. I imagine the ride operators had wide, sadistic grins as they yelled, “Don't worry, kids! You can go a free round! MWUAHAHAHAHAH!” and hit the “FASTER!” button.

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