Birthday sushi.

by Sistaweotch December. 28, 2007 3013 views

My birthday party in Napoli. We went out for sushi at Kukai ( It was a mix of friends from work and friends from Much chaos, as seems to be typical of large parties at restaurants in Italy, and lots of fun!

Cristina brought me a babà cake, dripping with rum. []

SO delicious!

One end of the table.

Diego doing the patented AFB, “Oooho. Oooohhh…” move. Need video to get the full effect. Actually, need a Nick bobble-head doll. Really need that. Badly.

The other end of the table, where Erick kicks back and drinks sake and Catherine, his sister, pulls a Dr. Evil.

Cristina gesticulating wildly.

Giovanni, Mariarca, and one of Giovanni's couchsurfing guests. I love Giovanni! He makes me practice Italian. (And Mariarca looks so pretty! – even if it does look like she has a fluffy green hat on. ;)

…and we make him practice using chopsticks!

Mariarca's pal, whose name I forget, but whose nickname is pronounced “Lollo,” and Mariarca.

Jeffrey. He doesn't do the patented AFB move, but he is still a bro. Actually, he is more of a “yo.”

Mmmm! Babà!

Cristina prepares to force feed me babà.

After asking 3 times, my missing unagi finally showed up. Immediately post cake-cutting, of course.

Action shot of cake juxtaposed with sushi.

Hmm. Cake or sushi? Sushi or cake? I was chock full of sushi by that point, so I went for cake. YEAH, BABY!

“Hey, look, Ashley! I just took a picture inside my pants!”

Mariarca and Jeffrey.

“Why are you wasting precious bytes on her when you could be taking pictures of me mastering chopsticks?”

Presents from Mariarca. It's in Neapolitan, not Italian. Neat, eh? :D

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Twistoffate 13 years, 1 month ago

i never eat sushi ;o)

13 years, 1 month ago Edited