Saturday in London.

by Sistaweotch April. 05, 2008 2763 views

I stayed with a couple of very nice folks from, walked to the tube/bus station, caught a bus to Camden and met up with Dario and Karla. I mean, who cares that Dario lives in Florence and I in Naples? Let's meet for the first time in London, woooo!

At the Camden markets I paid way too much money for nose jewelry and an enormous donut. But we had lots of fun, Dario got new pants, and I got some pictures inside Cyberdog, before I was informed that there Are No Photos Allowed In The Store. Pfft! I am a veteran of the No Pictures In The Prada Store Siege of 2007. I think I can handle a little raver outfit like you, kiddo! Last time you'll get MY crazy, glow-in-the-dark, overpriced rave-outfit money! Oh, wait, I didn't buy anything…

We met up with a couple of other folks, shopped, ate, picked up food for a party, went to said party, climbed up into the fire tower on the roof of the building, and got some INCREDIBLE views of London at night, woot!

Walking to the bus, I saw the most adorable little tree. It's a Prunus! ( [] )

The owner was so delighted someone liked her tree enough to take a photograph that she came out to say hello and tell me all about it. So sweet! :)

Around the corner from Finley Park tube station, waiting for the bus to Camden. This is what most of London looked like to me. Erp!

I know I don't look super excited or overwhelmed, but I actually am. After a year, maybe a year and a half, I finally got to meet Dario in person! And he's even sweeter and more adorable in person than online. Aww! :D

Very Burning Man-esque purses. Or, murses, as the case may be.

My inner fortune cookie said, “If you eat at Max Orient, you will in turn be eaten by a giant wall dragon.” I opted for a huge donut instead.

The part of the Camden Locks Market that burned recently. Was an Amy Winehouse hangout, I hear. Sad face. :(

Karla and Dario! :D Karla's birthday was the previous Monday, which is what inspired Dario's original trek to London, and hence, mine. Woot! Go go Karla! (I brought her some Limoncello to celebrate the occasion, mmm!)

Mmm… ginger beer! (Dave is eating in the background. Tried to get a better photo of him at the party, later, but the lighting was not good. Alas!)

O rly? Where are your 30 pieces of flair, MR. SERNEELS, hmm?! (p.s., why is “working” in quotes? Gigolo bartender?)

Displaybot at Cyberdog. ( [] ).

Oooo! Glowy!

It's like Archie McPhee's ( [] ) for ravers.

The horses are very excited about the thought of you purchasing tchotchkes.

We stopped in for a spot of tea and music exchange at the house of Karla's and Bill's friends, Tyler and Jamie. It must have been a meeting dictated by destiny, because a rainbow appeared!

'Twas actually a double rainbow shortly after this. The other end of the arc could be seen out another window.

…or is it a TRICK!?! (I love the phantom window!)

Nighttime, drive-by tourism. Tower of London, if you please!

If I make this sort of sepia toned, I can pretend I did the angle and the blur on purpose. It'll be an edgy, artsy shot of the Tower Bridge. For now, you can just squint.

Cool giraffe thingy at Karla's flat. :D

Dario models his cyberduds from Cyberdog. He already had the shirt, now he's got the pants, too. Oh, I guess that's “trousers” in England. Pants means undies. To my knowledge, these are not Dario's undiepants, but what do I know?

I wish this had been more in focus. I love the lighting. There's a story just waiting to happen here: fairies or wizards or (even better!) DANGER MOUSE! ( [] )

Karla holds up the very special cheese we found at the supermarket. It's called – ok, no really, I'm not joshin' you – “TICKLER WITH LOVE” cheese. …Oh. Em. Gee! We all kind of snickered at the store, saying, “Tickler with LOVE cheese!?” “Omg, TICKLER with LOVE cheese!” “Did you see it says, ‘Tickler With Love’ on the cheese?” and other such brilliant things. We held back, however, as there was an adorable little, white-haired lady standing right there at the time. Then Bill, in his cultured British accent said, rather matter-of-factly, “It's sex toy cheese.” OMG! HAHAHAHA! At that point even the little old lady couldn't hold back anymore and joined in the laughter. We had quite the guffaws going on! …Naturally, we had to bring some to the party. Oh, and it was really quite tasty!

Night view of London from the terrace upstairs from the flat. Neato night setting on my camera!

Wow, that's cool! I think the glowing tower on the left is Parliament. The next one is Big Ben. The circle is the “London Eye,” a gigantic ferris wheel, if you can believe it! ( [] …Ooo! One of the pictures there is nearly Burning Man shaped!)

You have to hold the camera really still in order for this to work. I may have to get a wee tripod, as I really like this effect! …“Look, kids! Big Ben. Parliament.” ( [] )

Regular shot of the skyline, sans nifty effect.

Slight zoom so you can see the clocki-ness of Big Ben a bit better. It happened to be chiming 10 or 11 o'clock, too. Neat!

How you get to and from the top of the fire tower, from where most of these pictures were taken.

More Eye, with some very London-ish chimneys.

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Sistaweotch 12 years, 10 months ago

Oh, but I *did* say it was good! "Oh, and it was really quite tasty!" See? But you're right, I didn't include a description of the secret ingredients. Now they're not secret anymore!

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