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Italy has geeks, too. I have proof!

I attended Napolic Comicon (, [] held at Castel Sant'Elmo, for a few hours on Sunday. It was good to be among the geek population of Italy. Although comics are not really my forte, nor is anime, it was heartening to see such a robust community.

The most awesomest part of the whole thing, though, was that it was held in a freakin' CASTLE! I mean, how cool is that? Much as I love my geekpeeps in the US, you just can't beat a real, live castle. No way to top the geek points there, baby!

I spent some time observing the local population and found some similarities and some differences to US geeks. The similarities include a love of wearing black, buying cartoon-based tchotchkes, t-shirts bearing logos and phrases of inside jokes, LOTS of costumes, and bad hair. Differences include the absence of that air of desperation and b.o. that often permeate Ameri-cons; it wasn't held at a hotel so no LAN parties, panels discussing Kirk vs. Picard, or late night dancing to Rocky Horror and Dr. Who songs; an awesome view of a volcano – and did I mention it was in a CASTLE?

All in all, though, there's a common thread of geekery around the world, methinks. To paraphrase that ad in the movie theaters, the language of geek is universal.

Cheers! ;)

Napoli Comicon 2008. Held where? AT A CASTLE! BOOYAH! []'Elmo

The castle has lots of mysterious holes in it. I'm going to have to go back sometime when it's not chock full of comic books and the people who love them, and get a guide book.

Holes in context.

This passageway seems to go around the perimeter of the castle and the *whole thing* was filled with dealer tables and shoppingeeks.

It was mostly comic books and anime (you know, the comic part of comicon), which is not really my thing. This was about as close as it got to gaming, these banners on the wall. I took as wide a shot as I could to put it all in the proper context. That is… a CASTLE!

I followed the signs to the Warhammer room to check out the scene. Along the way I found this odd little cell. Why was there a stone alcove / window / cell thing at a convention? Oh, yeah! It's in A CASTLE!

That's disturbing. I really hope that camera has some sense of morality, otherwise the furniture could end up doing all sorts of embarrassing things.

Oh, so that's what Warhammer really looks like. Previously I'd only experienced it via webcomic: []

Wow, the geeks are thick.

THIS is what happens to those who anger Giovanni di Bretonnia!

Outside for a nice bit of fresh air and– hel-LO! It's Mt. Vesuvius!

Oh, yeah! I'm where..? AT A FREAKIN' CASTLE!

Lest you think I was pulling your leg, here is a cosplay couple. It really was a convention, oh my, yes!

More of the neverending passageway of comic dealers.

This is a theater-type area in the middle that has been remodeled to look very un-castle-y. But hey! To make up for it, here's Ronald McDonald! …wait, what?

So that's where baby geeks come from: they hatch out of speakers. Aww…

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