Caserta 2.

by Sistaweotch May. 03, 2008 3558 views

Went back to Caserta to enjoy the gardens and the sun. Took a pal with me who hadn't been before. Didn't quite make it all the way to the big fountain, but made it part way out, past the fish pond and such. Beautiful day!

So, yeah… that's kind of far away and we've been walking 20 min. already. Hmm. What's the zoom on the camera like?

Ooo! Fountain! (There were some really big fish in this pool.)

Well, we made it this far. That's good for today, no? (This view does not include the side trek we took through the English Gardens, btw.)

I want to go into the grottos behind the statues.

I just bet there's nifty and mysterious stuff back there!

Ah, fountain! If not for the monstrous fish I might have dived in!

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