Burning Rome.

by Sistaweotch May. 10, 2008 6423 views

I drove up to Rome on Saturday (yay! I can just… drive to Rome on a whim!) to meet with some Burning Man folks.

I took my wee doggy with me. He slept most of the way in the car. I narrated a bunch of interesting tourism stuff to him as we arrived in Rome, telling him all about the Roman baths, Circus Maximus, and the Tiber River. When we made a wrong turn and ended up driving past the Colloseum, I pointed it out to him, trying to impress on him what a lucky doggy he is to see all these incredible historical sites. He, however, continued to snore. Not even bouncing over the cobblestone streets woke him up. Spoilt dog.

The Burning Man gathering was a small group of people who had been to BRC along with those who may go in the future. There were some initial technical difficulties, but eventually the slide and video show got up and running. Dario provided an overview of the event, answered questions, and handed out pins and stickers. He also had some very nice information posted on the walls about life in the desert.

At one point, some of the video was being queued up and I saw one of the options was the video by my Tribe pal, Jordan. I got all excited and requested that be next on the agenda. Yay! I love Jordan's video! In addition to being set to some nice mixes, it really captures a lot of the essence of the experience. I grinned the whole time it was playing. Was a nice little trip “home.” :)

On the way back to Naples, the GPS was giving me info that conflicted with the street signs. As it had taken me through a rather scenic (read: indirect and chock full o' traffic) route to get to the bar, I decided to go by my instincts. I actually recognized some of the areas I'd passed through earlier. On the way to the tangenziale, I thought I was close to one of the temples I'd seen on a previous tour, which meant I was also close to the Pyramid of Cestius (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyramid_of_Cestius). [en.wikipedia.org] I was quite pleased with myself, therefore, when we came around a corner and *POOF!* the pyramid appeared. Sadly, things went downhill after that and I ended up bowing to the pressure of the GPS device and taking another scenic route.

Anyway, the doggy and I made it home safe and sound, so all is good!


One of the luckiest doggies ever. He's been to San Diego, San Francisco, river rafting on the Rogue in Oregon, Seattle, lived on the beach on Whidbey Island, visited Pixar and ILM, tinkled at the Munich airport, and has now been to Rome! How lucky is that!? …and yet, he seems not overly awed. He still wants the cookie I'm eating. Sigh.

Some of the bar crowd. (Btw, bars in Italy are not like bars in the US. They are less slimy, more relaxed, and social. Much cooler!) Dario is there once again sporting his Cyberdog duds, now with matching hat!

Mosaic photo of the Man.

Run, run! He's come to kill us all! (Sculpture from BRC. ;)

Dario's such a motivated Burning Man ambassador. :)

More informational material. Great photos!

Yay! Schwag!

As humble and approachable as he is, Dario is quite the ham. He held this pose for about a minute while I fussed with my camera settings, lol.

Puppy checks out the Romans. …not a toga in sight!

Hmm… which video to play next.

I know! How about JORDAN'S VIDEO? :D

Dario narrates a slideshow and answers questions. I mean, I guess that's what he was doing. It was in Italian…

Look, Jordan! It's me and your video in Rome!

Ooo, look! There are flames in the mirror. It's like the man is burning or something!


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