Through Catania to Malta.

by Sistaweotch May. 23, 2008 6593 views

Just a couple of quick travel notes for this entry.

I flew from Napoli to Catania in Sicily, then to Luqa, Malta. I checked a bag because I had jars of Whidbey Island jam for Joseph and Saviour. I thought since I wasn't flying Alitalia I was safe. WRONG! My bag didn't make the transfer. Fortunately, I'd brought my toothbrush, bathing suit, and jammies in my backpack, so I was ok for a day. I was able to buy shorts, a few tops, and a few other essentials at a store near Francesco's ( host) place in Naxxar (pronounced nah-SHAR, approximately).

My bag showed up on the next flight from Catania, a redeye late on Saturday night. The airline delivered it to Saviour's house for me, so on the way to Gozo on Sunday I was able to change into some better fitting shorts and pull out all my silly tourist gear. ;)

BUT back to Friday… When I arrived in Malta, the sun was setting and the land and towns were very beautiful. However, I was getting a ride to Naxxar with Saviour, and just enjoying looking around, so no photos. After Naples, Malta seems very clean and bright and quiet.

Many more photos from the days following…

Italian cheetos. Omg, they kick the pants off Chester! Well, really, how could they not? They're called “Fonzies,” fercryinoutloud!

If you squint, you can see the slope of Mt. Etna. It was like hugging a long, lost friend. I missed you, Etna!

More hazy Etna, this time from the Catania airport.

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