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On Sunday, Saviour drove me and Francesco around Gozo. It's a separate island from Malta, so we took a ferry to get there. My two main goals were to see the Calypso Cave and the Ġgantija Temple, the oldest freestanding building in the world. (See yesterday's entry.)

Here are some links about it:
Aboutmalta.com [aboutmalta.com]
Wikipedia entry. [en.wikipedia.org]
Heritage Malta. [heritagemalta.org]
Unesco. [whc.unesco.org]

We also took in many other amazing views and, briefly, visited the Citadel.

A random stop along the road.

Salt pans. There aren't too many shaped pans here, but previously, we passed areas with lots of rectangular patches where folks extract sea salt from the water. “Stay out of salt pans,” warned the signs, “lest ye become a pretzel and be served with beer!”

I included this photo because I like the shot of the lone sailboat, but also because of the lighting. It reminds me of a poorly lit composite. The light is just so… flat! And bright! The photo looks rather unreal to me.

Hidden and beautiful inlet that Saviour took us to. Amazing!

A man and his Rottweiler. The doggy was having an awesome time. We, however, opted not to swim there as the wind was heading inland from this side and there were a couple of tiny jellies (jellyfish) in the water.

View from a road heading up to an abandoned lighthouse.

Walled Citadel from the same road. Saviour says there was a time when a dusk curfew was in place. Anyone found outside the walls after that time was considered a spy. And spying was punishable by death. So who was outside to find people who were… outside? Hmm?

The lighthouse.

Natural spring in one of the towns. There's another across the street that says it's not suitable for human consumption, but this one is apparently ok. (Saviour, of course, has tasted both and says this one is better.) We stopped for a quick rinse and sip. It was good!

Saviour says there's usually more water here. He thinks someone has tapped into the water supply, as that happens occasionally. In any case, it tasted pretty good and helped us all cool off. :)

A very small roundabout with Saviour's store in the background. Ok, the store is just coincidence, but the wee tree and bench is just neat!

Lunch! A Gozitan pizza. Dough, garlic, sausage, and tomatoes, topped by thin-sliced potatoes. Mmmm!

Saviour heads into the Inland Sea [en.wikipedia.org].

The bays next to the Inland Sea, including the sadly named Fungus Rock [en.wikipedia.org]. Saviour told us the story of the fungus and how it was thought to have incredible medicinal properties, being guarded by knights and whatnot. Silly knights! They'd have done better to go in search of some coconuts to make sound effects.

One of the many watch towers built by the aforementioned knights.

Can't get enough of this view!

Entering the Citadel.

The cannons keep the residents in check, lest they get the idea they can just up and wander in any time they want. Actually… Well, now you can. There's not even an entry fee, unless you want to see the inside of the church outside of churchin' hours.

This'n's a little crooked, but included so you could see the very flat top of the cathedral. From inside, they've done some curious perspective painting so it looks curved. However, an actual dome would have been within shootin' range from outside the walls. Can't have roof getting mixed in with the sacraments, nosirreebob!

No signs so I'm not sure if this is meant to scare you into staying on the path or just something that may have happened that afternoon to an unfortunate tourist.

Ah, religion and guns! How well they go together.

OoooOOOooo! It's so… castle-y!

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very beautiful
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