Stromboli Saturday.

by Sistaweotch August. 30, 2008 6393 views

Overnight ferry to Stromboli, then a very long, lovely day that culminated in watching Teatro del Fuoco!

I had rather intended this trip to be relaxing and all about food, fun, friends, and photography. I was, however, pressed into service resuscitating Gustl's (Gusti's dad) iTunes and Andrea's (one of the owners of Barbablù [], a lovely local restaurant) email. Indeed, Gusti volunteered me for email duty, lol.

I didn't manage to fix the problem completely, but I did create a good workaround, so Barbablù's email is functional! Oh, and Gustl's iTunes are behaving now and working in concert with his external hard drives, hahahaha!

Anyway, Teatro del Fuoco is Gusti's brainchild. He wanted a fire festival on Stromboli, so he created one. In under a year. Wow, that rocks! Go Gusti!

Anyway, hope you like the pics and the usual silly narrative. ;)

ps: Just found the Frank Sinatra song on YouTube: [] :D

This is what you call “lazy ass framing.” I was sitting down having breakfast with Gusti and 6 fire dancers who had arrived on the same ferry as I, and I wasn't about to get up again. You see, this was after having already climbed the hill to the church square, then getting a desperate and confused call from Gusti who had overslept, and walking back down the hill. And it was already freakin' warm. But that's ok, messing with Gusti's sleepy mind was fun. Mwuahahahaha!

Ok, this is a little better. Still liking the sailboat on the right, but I could have moved a bit more. *shrug* Still having breakfast. ;)

Another breakfast shot. Buon giorno, Stromboli!

Gusti action shot! …6 of us got on the taxi that Gusti arranged and the 7th passenger opted for an exciting scooter ride through the crazily narrow streets of Stromboli. This shot is of the widest street; the rest rival Venice for anorexia-inducing, cattle chute action. I am TOTALLY hearing James Bond music [] as I look at this. GO GUSTI! (His mother, in typical mother fashion, asked me to zoom in when I showed her the photo on the camera's view screen so that she could be sure he was wearing a helmet. HAHAHAHAHA! Secret agent moms never give their secret agent kids the respect they deserve. "Secret… AGENT MOM! Secret… AGENT MOM! []")

Ok, so this is like… um. Too awesome for words. This is the view from my room. Fook yeah!

And this is my awesome freakin' room. Wow. And they are letting me stay here as their guest. The sound of the waves rocked me to sleep at night. Wow. Gusti and his parents kick ass.

From Gusti's house. I stayed with Gusti last time, but this time the place was chock full of crazy, bohemian, fire-dancin' types from every corner of the globe. They were all super cool. ;)

So last year Gusti was sitting in his hammock, swinging in the warm breeze smoking a cigarette. “I've been thinking I'd like to have a fire festival here on Stromboli. …I am picturing a teepee over in the yard …fire dancers from all over the world …yeah, I'd like to put that together.” He was so mellow in that lazy Mediterranean heat that I rather thought he was waxing philosophical. Or waxing, um, daydreamy-ish or something. But no! All hail Gusti – he totally did it! Teatro del Fuoco lives! :D

I went to a planning meeting of the fire dancer types and started taking pictures. Gusti and most of the performers and coordinators and promoter types were there. Now he's waxing Larry Harvey-ish []. He even has a HAT! Zomg, can self-indulgent video ramblings about the meaning of life and fire and whatever-the-eff-else be far off? Gusti, don't do it! Don't surrender to the hat! NOOOO!!!

“I still get to do my flaming hammock act, yes?”

“Now you just wait a darned minute, mister. Remember who's wearing the hat? Do you? That's right, it's me. Yeah, I'm the guy with the hat.”

Two of the dancers look at pictures of themselves while I… take more pictures of them.

I'm going to start calling Gusti's hat “The Precious.” He's totally falling into its trap. Only a trip to the top of Mt. Doo– er, Stromboli to toss the hat in the lava to be forever destroyed will save him. Poor Gusti. He'll probably have to board a ferry and travel west while listening to Annie Lennox music as the credits scroll by.

Beginning of one of the dances. The first dancer lit her… um, flaming fingers of passion? (I totally made that up, please do not for a minute believe that name) from the canister and the dancers behind her lit theirs off that. Cool, no?

I think this was a flaming hula hoop, but I was frantically fiddling with camera settings, so I sort of lost track of everything. Not a very smooth shot, but I still like it for its painterly qualities. :)

More alleged hula action.

Hooping is teh awesome.

“We are in awesome shape because all we do is eat, smoke, and dance. Which are we doing in this photo? Here is a hint: it is not eating.”

“Doo de doo… hot things, flying through the air. I will touch this, and that, but not THAT, and flippity flippity floo, I juggle things for you!”

“GAH! I thought this was PEPSI!”

Nick does his whip-cracky trick. Yes, that's right. It's a whip. And it's on fire. Take THAT, Indiana Jones!

Oh, good, Gusti has lost the hat. But *gasp!* DEATH is looking over his shoulder! We're all DOOOOOMED!

Nifty flaming bag on the beach. :)

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