Not the Canon.

by Sistaweotch September. 26, 2008 3146 views

I went to a little Oktoberfest gathering here in Italy. My coworker, Bernie, her aunt, and her daughter came to pick me up. I had debated putting my smaller camera in my bag this morning before work and decided against it. Alas for me, I was stuck with the cell phone camera as I forgot to put the real camera in my bag after work. D'oh! Still, it was kind of cool to take a picture and know that it would immediately be up on Photoblog in all its fuzzy glory. I suppose it adds to the realism as it looks like they were taken through beer goggles.

Oh, and yes, I have a Vodafone phone. Thank you, Vodafone, for attaching your logo to every photo I sent. …I removed all but one.

So you know where we are. That is to say, Oktoberfest but in Italy. Yes, there was lederhosen to be seen, but not nearly enough, I tells ya!

“Berniestein” with aunt. And silly hat.

It's so awesomely blurry it's like being drunk there in person!

Bernie's daughter took this picture of her mom and stein. …Momenstein? Momstein? Anyway, nice framing, kiddo!

The offspring in question, hamming it up. Adorable and impish.

Bernie's daughter also took this pic. Heyo, how's it goin', eh?

I had a glass of wine instead of beer (cut off in the photo), along with a plate of steak, a pretzel – but more authentically called a “brezel” – creamy yet mild potato salad, and something that was probably supposed to be sauerkraut but was more like cabbage salad. I think they really upped the bland factor for the Americans and Italians. Sigh.

A dinosaur that nourishes itself on the children of drunken revelers. Pretty good gig, really.

More verification of the event, this time written on a gingerbread cookie. It's so blurry and hard to distinguish, I'm sure this picture must be high art. Indeed, if you are still pondering the meaning of this photo a few days from now, my mission will have been a success. I can now return to my home planet of Zarquon.

Thank you, St. Vodafone, for the blurry beer goggle pictures.

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