Nigerian Wedding in Italy.

by Sistaweotch October. 25, 2008 5625 views

A coworker asked me to come take some pictures at a wedding being held at his church. The bride and groom are from Nigeria and put the wedding together with the help of the church members. I grabbed 2 coworkers who have more experience and more advanced cameras than I do. Still, I did manage to get a few nice shots. :)

As most of the bride's family is in Nigeria, a friend came to “give her away.” :)

Even though the bible in the foreground is more in focus than the groom's face, I really like this photo. Indeed, for those in attendance, the focus on the good book could be quite the allegory. :)

Flower girl, taking her role veeeery seriously!

A rare moment when everyone is caught smiling – at the same time! Well, mostly the kids. The bride hasn't quite got a full grin on. Drat!

Aha! There's the smile!

Omgosh he's SO CUTE!

Whoops. Need to crop this and get that power cord outta there!

Action shot!

Mine, no MINE! NO…..! MIIIIIIINE!!!

No, not their babies. ;)

At this point, an unknown person with a camera showed up. She hadn't been at the ceremony, so we're not sure who she is, though she seemed to know some of the folks there. She apparently didn't realize that the 3 of us dressed in black and working together around the bride and groom were the “official” photographers of the party. (She actually elbowed Will out of the way a few times!) Made it kind of difficult to get focus and color balance and whatnot when competing for a spot to shoot. Le sigh.


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Sistaweotch 12 years, 8 months ago

That's because I didn't post the pictures of the back of your head, Will. :P

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