Paris Thanksgiving Day Deux

by Sistaweotch November. 28, 2008 3519 views

Ok, today was the real banner day in Paris – the day we went to Moulin Rouge!

I had just gotten my journalist identification and had notified the establishment via email of my intention to write a story. We were treated like visiting royalty. It was AWESOME! So indulgent and abundant and celebratory!

Unfortunately, cameras are not allowed inside the theater, even the lobby, so I don't have any of my own pics. But it was still freakin' GREAT!

What I did get pictures of was our trip up Le Tour Eiffel – finally! Only took 3 trips to Paris to do it. I visited the tower each time I was in town, but the lines were really daunting. They were much lighter this time, so we went for it. I can't imagine trying to get up that thing in high tourist season. Craziness!

The day was hazy and frightfully cold, but we still enjoyed ourselves immensely. I took a picture of Armelle and myself while in line beneath the tower and sent it via email and MMS to my mom and a few friends. After rushing around getting some pictures on the 2nd and 3rd decks while trying not to lose extremities to the cold, we finally got back in the elevator for the ride back down. Just as the doors closed, I left a message for mom wishing her a happy Thanksgiving from the Eiffel Tower. How cool is that? Woohoo!

(Promised video link from pic # 4, above: "This is the Picture (Excellent Birds) []" by Peter Gabriel ;)

Armelle-cicle. She is smiling, but really it's only because her face froze that way.

Super international traveler type – moi! Italian coat, German boots (bought in Vienna) …American everything else. I'm so cool. And by cool, I mean freakin' freezing! Dang!

Don't get that expression or your face will fr– Aww, too late.

I took several photos at the base of the Tower, attempting to get all the folks dressed in black as they passed by the barren treeees…. So moody! See, I wanted to illustrate that they were like a flock of crows. Well, I didn't really get any of the shots I was going for, but I got an actual crow! (It's NOT a blackbird, it's a CROW, I say!) Awesome!

(ps: related video link below, in description)

Looking north from the 2nd deck of Le Tour Eiffel.

Artsy shot of the giant elevator wheels.

View of the Seine. Ah, Paris!

Looking South.

More Seine. Plus a giant Ferris wheel!

View from the 3rd deck. Yay! We went to the top!

Foux da fa fa! []

This is a genuine, bona fide I Was There picture. Yes, that is me. In the Eiffel Tower. The day after Thanksgiving 2008. HELLS YEAH!

Looking down!

Winter Tower.

Not long after, we went in search of hot, spiced wine. Alas, we picked the only restaurant in Paris to have a broken hot-beverage-making-machine. Well, there was coffee and hot chocolate. So we put on our thinking …berets. We came up with hot chocolate and rum. Actually, that sounded pretty good. But THEN! MIRACULOUSLY! The hot-beverage-making-machine came back to life and our waiter arrived with hot wine. Well, that was nice and all, but we'd already shifted to cocoa-rum thoughts. What to do, what to do… Ah! Drink the wine, order the duck, and then have the hot chocolate!

By the end of the meal, we found ourselves warm and hilarious. Our jokes were awesome, I tells ya! GENIUS!

Rum will do that.

At a mall. Went there to purchase a Vanessa Paradis [] CD, a top and purse and notebook for Moulin Rouge… and a few other random things that I didn't really need, but hey! It's Paris!

Aww… :)

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