Foro di Traiano - Trajan Forum

by Sorin Krammer December. 16, 2007 4570 views

Trajan's Forum is chronologically the last of the Imperial Forums of Rome. The ruins of Trajan's Forum rise 16 feet below modern street level in the heart of Rome, and resemble pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle. These are the ruins of an exceptional monument, begun during Trajan's principate and finished by his successor, Hadrian, in A.D. 128. Though the forum was described by the historian Ammianus Marcellinus (A.D. 330-395) as “a gigantic complex…beggaring description and never again to be imitated by mortal men,” today's battered remains convey little of its past glory.

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Sorin Krammer 13 years ago

Spider, thanks... :)) I guess I was an "early" bird although it was around 8:30am when I took the pics

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Xpider 13 years ago

Really good, how u did it? i mean.. whithout ANY people ther?


13 years ago Edited
Sorin Krammer 13 years ago

Hi Francko. About a thousand pictures in 10 days:)). Most of them are quite beautiful...I just lack the time to select and post them:( which is a pitty...

13 years ago Edited
Francesco 13 years ago

How many photos u did here in Rome ? :)
They are all well done !

13 years ago Edited
Gary 13 years ago

Hi... I wish you and your family X'mas and happy New Year...

13 years ago Edited
Franzisko 13 years, 1 month ago

where interesant!!!

13 years, 1 month ago Edited
Tantatantan 13 years, 1 month ago

just amazing...!!

13 years, 1 month ago Edited