Skylar Shankman's PhotoBlog

I was recently hired for a gig in Sicily, and while there I took a handful of photographs that I thought were worth sharing.

Flew back in from L.A a few days ago, here are some random shots I took (two more to post tomorrow). Soon I'll post some street portraits.

These are the last of my shots from Oregon. Soon I'll post photos I've taken here in L.A. I just need to take them first!

Bigger updates are coming soon. For now, here are two semi-abstract shots I took recently during a shoot in Boston.

I shaved my head recently for no good reason and I decided to make the best of it and take some self portaits. All images shot with my new Canon EOS 5d Mark ii.

The first part of my photographs from Istanbul, Turkey. These were all taken at a Bazaar right near the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia.

Second part of photographs taken in Cairo. I had the opportunity to be in a few mosques during Ramadan which was really cool and quite an experience.

All shots taken in Paris during my Europe 2012 trip. The Eiffel Tower photo was taken from the top of the Sacre Couer.