A silent place that I can call my own

by Pete September. 27, 2007 5812 views

I know that there's a reason why I need to be alone
I need to find a silent place that I can call my own
Is it mine, Lord is it mine?

When every thing's dark and nothing seems right,
there's nothing to win and there's no need to fight


There are different reasons for blogging. You can do it to showcase your photos, express your feelings, make friends, or get advice on photography.

I guess I do it for all of the above.
So please, please give me some critique on my photos. I would love to learn more.

If I have offended anyone about giving critique on their photos and not just commented by say wow or great set, I apologise. It was not meant to be a superior comment just seeing some of the mistakes in a photo that I tend to make.

I am going out of town for work tomorrow so have a great weekend. Catch you on Monday
PS will be taking my camera along to a beautiful part of our country. Mpumalanga [sa-venues.com]

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Vio 12 years, 12 months ago

how beautiful, so calm, love it :)

12 years, 12 months ago Edited
Marilyn John 13 years ago

Nice capture!

13 years ago Edited
Charles Stirton 13 years ago

I can't wait to return in November.

13 years ago Edited
Fishbud 13 years ago

so simple and serene

13 years ago Edited
Giuliano 13 years ago

I'm late to say: Maestro Lento Pietro you can say whatever you want about my photo and so, please, do it, do it a lot more.
About your photo ... what can I say? Perhaps you MIGHT cut away all the coastline on the right or took a little more of it.
Thanks for sharing!

13 years ago Edited
Chris 13 years ago

Beautiful picture

13 years ago Edited
Pete 13 years ago

thanks for all the comments
really appreciated
have a great week

13 years ago Edited
Fionarobinson 13 years ago

wow, how pretty, love the way the boat gives depth to your photo.

13 years ago Edited
David Cardona 13 years ago

Great work! Peaceful!

13 years ago Edited
Angela 13 years ago

Love your photos, value your opinion, appreciate your friendship.

13 years ago Edited
Riccardo Gambacorti 13 years ago

Superb shot !!! Bravo

13 years ago Edited
Rodolphe Eneida 13 years ago

Wow Stunning!

13 years ago Edited
K 13 years ago


13 years ago Edited
Lynda 13 years ago

the boat almost appears to be luring the viewer??beautifully composed.

13 years ago Edited
Pandodo 13 years ago

awesome :)sooooo great

13 years ago Edited
Tonya 13 years ago

Oh, I would love to be right there! Amazing picture! Have a great weekend!

13 years ago Edited
Jan Eljapa 13 years ago

I'm sorry to say, this is a great shot:-) but your are right about the comments. Perhaps i would darken the water a bit...

13 years ago Edited
Rakumori 13 years ago

What a great image. Concept, ligh, angle, colour... is all perfect. I added to favourites

13 years ago Edited
Maryam 13 years ago

oh my god... unbelievably beautiful... quiet...

13 years ago Edited
Justsuz 13 years ago

I personally love and appreciate you comments. I never seem to have enought time to comment on others, but I always appreciate any advice bloggers give me. I view the blog as part creative outlet and part diary. I love this one and had to mark it as a favorite.

13 years ago Edited
Mat 13 years ago

Gorgeous! I too am an avid flyfisher. In my opinion, you have capture the essence and of why we flyfish with this shot!

13 years ago Edited
Sherij 13 years ago

WOw you have really out done yourself and us as well!! This is by far your best yet!! well to me it is!! Saved it as one of my favorties.. WOW this is awesome!!! My chin is still on the desk top!! WOW

13 years ago Edited
David Swatton 13 years ago

Great I thought - carte blanche to lay into your pictures - then I thought - damn, this is probably the best single image I have seen you post. Saved as a favourite.

13 years ago Edited
Jazmyn 13 years ago

Absolutely stunning!! The peace and quiet prevails....a beautiful composition. Thanks for sharing.

13 years ago Edited
Abbeyh13 13 years ago

oh my gosh.. no critique, sorry, this is just brilliant!!

13 years ago Edited
Jacquesr 13 years ago

Great shot. Congratulations!

13 years ago Edited
Silke 13 years ago

WOW - can I rent it?
Only for a day, or a few hours!
That`s enough, because than I`m seasick!

13 years ago Edited
Tim 13 years ago

wow, what a place, it is fantastic, Now it is me who is gonna visit you ;))

13 years ago Edited
Sebastian Ekdahl 13 years ago

Sweet place! Beutiful angle and picture.

13 years ago Edited
Elke 13 years ago

Tell nobody about this place, he will be not any more yours !!!

13 years ago Edited
Daniel 13 years ago

WOW, Phantastic photo:)

13 years ago Edited
Cezar 13 years ago

Amazin photo:)

13 years ago Edited
Tony 13 years ago

Wow, just stunning! Well done, thanks for sharing this one! :)

13 years ago Edited
Mss 13 years ago

woah...i love the colour there...

13 years ago Edited
Agodashi 13 years ago

Phantastic, I love it !!

13 years ago Edited
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