Don't linger where the moss slowly grows

by Pete May. 26, 2009 3978 views

And so another journey has come to an end
Another moment passed that will not, will not come again
Resting in the shade of oaks, so it has always been
And its true that i'll miss you but i'll see, i'll see you again
I'll see you again

Embrace, destroy this pain
Don't miss this chance it will not come again
You mean more than you may ever know
Don't linger where the moss slowly grows

Tiger army

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Pete 8 years ago

glad you guys dropped by to comment

8 years ago Edited
Ian 8 years ago

baie cool pics #2 lyk amper of dit 'n lug foto kon gewees het

8 years ago Edited
Jacki 8 years ago

Nice, I like the title a lot also!

8 years ago Edited
Tim 8 years ago

don't lie,,we all know it is gold in one :)))) moss only on the second;)

8 years ago Edited
John Wright 8 years ago

Nice abstracts.

8 years ago Edited
Stefan Fletcher 8 years ago

Or a rolling stone might flatten you? Lovely patterns.

8 years ago Edited
Gillian 8 years ago

Nice textures and colours

8 years ago Edited
Tom 8 years ago

Awesome textures

8 years ago Edited