The Epic Journey (Nata)

by Pete May. 11, 2012 2654 views

The Nata Bird Sanctuary, the only protected reserve in Botswana in the northeastern periphery of Sowa Pan, is a community-managed project, with assistance from the Nata Conservation Committee and national and international organizations. Founded in 1988, it opened for operations in 1993; it encompasses an area of 230 square kilometres (89 sq mi), with the objective of conservation of wildlife. The community project is managed by a Trust titled the “Kalahari Conservation Society”, which has members drawn from the four villages of Nata, Sepako, Maposa and Maxotac in the vicinity of the sanctuary.

The prominent wildlife species in the sanctuary are reported to number 165 bird species. The sanctuary is of international importance due to its population of 250,000 lesser flamingo (Phoenicopterus minor) and greater flamingos (Phoenicopterus roseus), which visit the sanctuary every year during the winter period to breed, after the rainy season, when the water sources are full

Nata was our last stop on the way home
enjoy the weekend as we say in Africa Woza Weekend!

Flying into Friday

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Tim 5 years ago

who was the noisy one who made all tht birds fly away :(

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Luucha 5 years ago


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Christa 5 years ago

Wonderful, the colors of Africa!

5 years ago Edited
Pete 5 years ago

thank you. hope the weekend was great

5 years ago Edited
Dunja 5 years ago

An incredible set ! wonderful shots !

5 years ago Edited
Birthe 5 years ago

Great set for the weekend!

5 years ago Edited
Jacki 5 years ago

Woza Weekend back at you Pete! Beautiful birds and got a laugh out of the "lovin" as well. 8^)

5 years ago Edited
Marsha 5 years ago

Wow....another impressive collection of animal shots, Pete!! The last with birds in flight is so exciting!

5 years ago Edited
Sherij 5 years ago

WOW!! I would be drooling over all teh birdie types there! What a birders paradise to be!! Great shots!

5 years ago Edited
Larry Nelson 5 years ago

What a great adventure, Pete!

5 years ago Edited
Nynke 5 years ago

Great set!! Love the colours.. especially in #3.

5 years ago Edited
Teramoon 5 years ago

Here I always enjoy interesting stories of beautiful images ... Wonderful pictures :))

5 years ago Edited
Ann Garratty 5 years ago

Fantastic photo of the cranes, I have never seen a wattled crane in the wild before... Have a great weekend too!

5 years ago Edited