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by S&M May. 22, 2012 625 views

We are two amateur photographers sometimes looking at the same thing but never with the same eye.

Please do not state preferences for one work or the other. They're not the same.

Provence, May 2012

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Chossid 4 years, 11 months ago

Just curious -- is the first always from photographer a and the 2nd from photographer b? I like them both, and apologize for preferring 1 in your 1st post.

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Nicephore34 5 years ago

Magnifique cadrage Des couleurs chaudes et une lumiére qui donne a l'ensemble une atmosphére un peu mystique..

5 years ago Edited
Lluã­S Dalmau 5 years ago

I love the backlight in the second shot but also the call to go beyond this gate in the first one. Good work.

5 years ago Edited
Mark 5 years ago

A portal that leads nowhere and guards nothing. The world needs more of those.

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Astrid 5 years ago


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Antonio Gil 5 years ago

A portic to a blue world lit by the light of a lighthouse called sun.

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Marilyn Grimble 5 years ago

It's very difficult to follow the instructions given?
All I want to say is why l have a preference of one ov er the other.... I don't be need

To b e told they are not the same ... My eyes tell me that...and why.
I find your guide-lines off putting

5 years ago Edited
Nynke 5 years ago

Wonderful shots!

5 years ago Edited
Sandra Vermeulen 5 years ago

This post does not need a tittle ...
These shots make me feel, while looking at them, as I enter a new world. (sounds maybe childish, but that is the feeling I get.)
Everything is just so perfect in it, the sky, the flowers, the clouds, everything ...

5 years ago Edited
Paula 5 years ago

i like this perspective. very interesting.

5 years ago Edited