Behind the Stage Wings

by Smallpinktee October. 29, 2009 1228 views

Back when I was younger, I used to jam in a band. I don't want to brag, but we were considered pretty good.

We were pretty chill about practicing though. Eventually, after a few battle of the bands , we went our ways to post secondary.

Gotta say though- had we stayed together, we would have kicked ass. Alot of us wounded up in top music schools after we split ways.

…anyway, this shot was taken right before we were going on stage. You can spot my key set up there.

Nolstalgia, nothing like it!

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Smallpinktee 11 years, 9 months ago

Oh not at all. I wasn't singer anyway, that was left to our talented lead. She ended up getting in one of the top schools for vocals for that sort of thing around here.

I'm a pure instrumentalist...but in any case, it wasn't like I left music. Due to my schooling and career I'm around bands all the time.

We did get scouted by the manager for Alexisonfire, once. I always wonder what would've happened if we stuck around for that :)

11 years, 9 months ago Edited