Delayed 30.04: Aftermath Vietnam War, 35 Years Later

by Smallpinktee June. 11, 2010 1228 views

Last couple of weeks have been nuts, but so many pictures have been post-proccessed that I'm going to be uploading batches up in the next few days like crazy.

At the end of May my community participated in rememberence of the Vietnam War, 35 years ago. The fall of Saigon gave way to the infamous ‘boat people’, escaping citizens that feared prosecution for their belief in democracy- basically the opposite of what was happening in Vietnam.

They left the now-communist Vietnam on rickety little boats and many never survived- but many also did, and after ending up in refugee camps around the world, some ended up in the North Americas.

So every year, we mourn the fall of Saigon- with a mix of the old refugees, and their kids, my generation.

1200 boats for boat people that left their homes

A member of the youth community

Watching the festivities

Youth getting interviewed for the local television network


Old flag held high

Some facepaint

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