Queen's Royal Visit

by Smallpinktee August. 11, 2010 1269 views

Recently I had the fortune of being on the broadcasting crew to film Her Royal Majesty when she visited Queen's Park. It was a sweltering hot day made more unfortunate because I was operating out of a truck near the back entrance. It was so small and compact the rest of the crew affectionately called it the ‘sardine can’.

Despite that, it was pretty cool, and since the truck was situated near the royal canons, the whole truck rumbled when they were shot off.

Equipment in the basement

Inside the ‘sardine can’ truck: our director!

Another part of the crew, prepping up my station

Wider angle of the compact truck- there's the VTR station, and the audio booth next to it

The Chyron

Up on the balcony of the Legislative Building. This place is hardly open, and it's a treat to go up there

Crew member shooting camera up on the balcony. It was hot as heck up there, she's a trooper!

Our provincial, parliment, and coutry flags

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