Washington DC 1/2: The Sights

by Smallpinktee September. 02, 2010 2063 views

Last month , I had the fortune of going on a roadie trip with a bunch of friends to a youth conference in Washington.

While the conference itself with kind of a letdown, the rest of the time was AMAZING, with insane encounters with local taxi's, crazy dive bars, and kareoke.

We had a local friend there that also became an awesome tourguide to the monument area, and thanks to her, we left with a wider perspective than which we came.

This is the first batch of photos, the sights and sounds of Washington DC. The second batch is reserved for the awesome people I went with.

We left by road trip, but we came by…cheap flight!

Passing the baton? Literally?

Washington DC's large, spacious, CLEAN metro system. It makes Toronto's TTC look like a dump in comparison. The difference, though, is the Metro has waits up to 20 mins in between trains. Toronto is max 2-3 mins. Not sure what I prefer.

Shadow fun infront of the Lincoln Memorial

Long exposure shot on the steps for the Lincoln Memorial. It was actually 2 am when this picture was taken.

Washington Monument? I forget what this is called. It looks like something out of Digimon the Movie.

Ballroom dancing in the courtyard of the business downtown. Pretty awesome.

CLEAN subway train. Emphasis on CLEAN. How DO THEY DO IT

Impressive up close. Like awesomely so.

I'm not sure what this was, but it was a very Capitol-esque building, I couldn't resist.

Vietnam War Wall Memorial. Sombre and…sober-inducing.

Panoramic of I believe the WWII Monument. Click to enlarge.

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