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Remember these things? They're called books… and believe it or not, libraries still exist in some schools. This is from a public school and their ‘Media Center’ is pretty sweet. I still like the good 'ole fashioned black and white hardcover or paperbacks. Cheers.

Nikon D70s | f/1.8 | 1/50" | ISO 200 | 50mm

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Mike 9 years, 10 months ago

I like this shot a lot.

9 years, 10 months ago Edited
Almond 10 years ago

Wow, this pic has made me remember oldtimes :) I loved go to the library and choose my next book. I like B/W choose.

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Lynn 10 years ago

Yes, I can think back to when I was in school and reading books. I'm not a reader...the only thing I read is online stuff about electronics or photography. Great image :))

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Sandra Vermeulen 10 years ago

I for one, love books,
love their smell,
love they feel ..

Great shot!!

10 years ago Edited
Christa 10 years ago

Ha ha, you are already speeing up!

Oh, I always will prefer these things.... may be it's because of my age :))) Great shot!

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Amoeba 10 years ago

Very sweet post...hope books never go the way of the dodo. Super photo;0)

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Marsha 10 years ago

Ahhh....I love school media centers! Accelerated readers....great program....must be everywhere. Kids and books....great combination! Love the shot, Mike!!!

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Sara 10 years ago

And I hope that libraries will exist forever! I love books and i like this shot!!

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Mertxe 10 years ago

Hi, I gess they were books, thank
nice pic and hope we keep reading

10 years ago Edited
Jarvo J 10 years ago

Great reportage Mike. Yes, books are brilliant and they're available. Great news.

Incidentally, I take it that when you say public school the "public" part means what it says. Here in England there's a strange thing because schools that are called public are actually private; you have to pay fees to attend (as opposed to state schools where attendance is free to any child living within the area). This is a hangover from the days when the only other schools were church schools and you had to be a member of the church to attend the school.

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David Swatton 10 years ago

I have shelves full of them... the last thing I will be doing is considering buying a Kindle...

10 years ago Edited
Jennye 10 years ago

Fantastic capture as always, Mike!... it took me a minute to get the title.
....great song too!

10 years ago Edited
William Teh 10 years ago

Nice post Mike!

10 years ago Edited
Kaz Terlesky 10 years ago

Nice shot :)

10 years ago Edited
Felecia Eby 10 years ago

Hey! I have tons of those! The only things that have made it with me through numerous moves are my books. I prefer hard backs
Great picture Mike!

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Eric J H Joyce 10 years ago

Nice post.

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