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Welcome to my photoblog.

I am ARIE. I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am not a professional photographer but these are amongst my many hobbies and interests. I always carry along the Olympus E510 camera wherever I go. I take photos of what I feel like taking photos of depending on my mood and opportunities. However, some have wanted me to shoot for theirs or their family birthdays and/or weddings.

The purposes of this photoblog are mainly:-

* a place to display my photos and share with the rest - what's the point taking photos if we don't show them to anyone else right?

* "life is great" - so this is a place for me to learn almost about anything, and specifically to grab some information or links related to photography.

So enjoy browsing through my photoblog. And if you like them, then well... that's good! ;-)

(TERIMA KASIH in Malay language)


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