DAY 108 JBall Fitty Fo

by Rico Allan Lajom April. 18, 2009 1832 views

Went down to Urbana-Champaign, IL for the Studio 54 party. Had an amazing time.


—Mel's afro
—Courtney's and Robert's short shorts
—my ghetto gold and mustache
—unwanted threesome offer at the club
—beer bottle bouquet over the shoulder throw (I'm getting married!)
—Robert flirting with a random stranger at a corner who looked like a serial killer
—Mel's Polish voicemail song message to Piotr for Robert
—Courtney getting thrown out to the street from a car
—witnessing Courtney ruin Kat's couch by puking all over it
—Tara's impression of her mother
—Courtney's walk of shame to his car in front of church people (half naked)
—clusterfuck breakfast at Bob Evans where Judy (the waitress) messed up pretty much everyone's orders, except mine of course.
trench mouth Robert
—Felicia getting an offensive haircut advise from the cashier

Lincoln holding up a sign: GIVE ME LIBERTY NOT A BAILOUT

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