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I just love "russischen Zupfkuchen"! It is a chochlate cheesecake with chocolate crumbles. As I often bring something sweet to parties or work or such, I am now…

I love cooking and baking. And if it looks really delicious I take pictures. So here are the ravioli I made with Kristin.

I love this place. I can see it everyday at university. It has a great charme and I hope it will be in use again someday!

I have been to Bali with my family last year. Now I will show some of my best pictures to you. Hope you will like them.

Came across this forgotten train and couldn't resist. Just now I notice, that I haven't thought of taking the full view. So the close-ups and vague ideas have…

I have been to a funfair yesterday with some friends and annoyed them with the time I spent taking pictures. But I like the outcome.

I was bored and had my camera next to me… ;) turned out quite well and I had fun with it. Goal achieved!

I don't know why lovers all over the world feel the need to express their true love by tossing a key into a river, but it makes for really nice bridges.

I had loads to do, some stress and then I moved and had to settle. Now I started a new course of study and have found my rhythm again. So now I will update all…

There was only fog down at our place and before we would be too depressed, my Mom and I drove up the hill and into the sun and snow! :D

Many peculiar things lie around in the depth of a lost place. Some of them I hunted down and took their pictures as a trophy. Proudly presenting:

We got into this LostPlace through some broken windows. Guess we are not the first neither the last ones. But this give the building a slightly different charm.

A friend of mine took me to this LostPlace. An old monastery that was closed some 20years ago. We spent almost 4 hours and haven't seen half of it yet. :D Now I…