Out of Africa: More Safari Sightings

by Michael Anderson August. 24, 2016 1344 views

Giraffe Close Encounter

    After our "miraculous" leopard encounter we headed back to load up our car and get the kids. We were all bummed that they missed the leopard sighting. After loading up the car and ourselves at the breakfast buffet :) we made one last trip into the park. Lisa lamented that we didn't see many giraffe, so I said we will just ask God to have some walk right in front of us.

    Wouldn't ya know? As we told the kids about the giraffe we saw inside the park it crossed the road right in front of us! Then another followed it across the road! We were only 30m from the gate into the park proper and these two giraffe nonchalantly walked right across the road.

    I told Lisa and the kids to jump out of the car so I could take a picture of them with the giraffe in the background. By the time they got their heads together after being so blown away by the sighting, the giraffe had wandered off but are still visible in the distance. Remember, we are not in the part of the park that has lions, leopards, etc., the animals in this part can be dangerous, but they are not predators.

    At the salt lick there were no cats but some kudu and zebra were learning to share. This buck Kudu was licking that block of salt like nobody's business. Eventually, a Zebra wandered up and backed in to threaten the kudu with a kick to the head and the kudu relented. 

    After this we made our way to the largest watering hole. You will be amazed at the next post when you see what we saw.

Kudu Buck

Kudu Close-up

More Zebra

Seeing Double

I just can't Get Enough of those Stripes!

Getting Up-Close at the Salk Lick

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Jay Boggess 4 years, 8 months ago

Fascinating shots and love the background info!

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