Chucky's Grandmother

by Bryan December. 08, 2012 4839 views

So my mother in law Linda has this Ms Claus doll that she puts out each Christmas, it lights up and moves. It makes a quiet creaking sound as it's head moves eerily from side to side. Each Christmas I mess with her and tell her that it creeps me out and I'm waiting for it to come to life and kill everyone (Dolls creep me out, maybe it was Poltergeist or Child's Play that messed me up)
So I decided to take very unflattering photos of it and then to make it even worse…photoshop them:) I tweaked the mouth, eyes, eyebrows and shadows (and the knife of course)
The last picture is the doll untouched:)
Love ya Linda, thanks for being such a good sport, and I would be upset if you didn't put her out each year:)

#2 and #4 are the same picture

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Sara G 6 years, 12 months ago

That is one freaky shot in #1..all those movies about weird clowns, etc. have my grown daughter freaked out about them..too bad. I think she's very cute..:-)

6 years, 12 months ago Edited
Anshul Arora 7 years ago

The first one is scary as hell. I hope she wont give me nightmares. Good Job!! Nice post !

7 years ago Edited
Christa 7 years ago

Lol... now this is a fantastic idea and a great work here with the shadows Bryan, you really made this so harmless looking miss like an evil killer....:D. I don't like dolls either :)

7 years ago Edited

Hahahah great done!! Love the first one!

7 years ago Edited
Jennifer Venter 7 years ago

Very creepy indeed ! Cleverly done !

7 years ago Edited