mon amie

by Sophie Victoria Rowe July. 31, 2017 386 views
My little French Fancy, Pauline.

My little French Fancy, Pauline.

I met Pauline last July when I was out in Belgium. She worked in the French Department and I worked in the English Department, our paths crossing at bonfires and in corridors.

She had travelled a lot and told me about it, on both Erasmus and just on her own with friends.

This year when I went back, it was nice to see her familiar face.

We shared a dorm, she helped me with my French, worked in the same role as me, she played tennis with her dad (and sprained her ankle) all within three weeks.

A transcontinental friendship.

I took this when we were sat outside in the yard one evening in the student's break time. I had the evening off and had gone out to take photos of the sunset. Instead I pointed the camera at her.

She hates this photo.

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