blue hue

by Sophie Victoria Rowe September. 12, 2017 382 views
mount snowdon

mount snowdon

I've climbed many mountains in my lifetime, taking in vast reels of various scenery. But, for me, there is something about the blue hue over this view that makes it stick in my mind just that little bit more.

When I was training for Kilimanjaro, I went on a training weekend to Snowdonia to climb both Y Garn and Mount Snowdon. I'd never met the people I was climbing with before so it was supposed to be a social way of preparing. We spent one day summiting Y Garn, and the other Snowdon.

I've been back with friends since; it seems to be the place we go to climb as it is near(ish) to everyone and has a variety of challenging to easy routes which caters for all kind of groups.

I've sumitted it about seven times and no time have I ever thought it was the same. Even if I've done the same route again, it always shares another bit of its magic with me.

This time it was the blue hue.

How beautiful to just have a moment, sat on a rock, with this view.

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