Light Up My Life, Make it a Blaze {fifteen}

by Sopranosflight January. 15, 2011 1421 views

Do you know what I want more than anything? For God to light up my life with love. Love from him, bathing me, making me content, showing me where to go to serve him, love from me, shown to others so that I am more selfless (which is what I need to work on), love that makes up a life of living intimately with him (after all, he's my only roommate and who I talk to most of the time).

But it's hard. I feel like my life is a mass of darkness, which I never know how to sort through, and God pokes through in places, prodding me, trying to get me to just turn my whole face to his love instead of hiding in the dark.

Extended metaphor over.

Heidi's here. We woke up and ate lunch and ate cupcakes and explored so much of Columbia. So much. And Cayce. And West Columbia. And Irmo. Yeah. We were busy. We went to abandoned places and had a guy take pictures of us (taking pictures) and had an old man approach me in a grocery store to tell me he liked my stockings and had a server ask us “How many tacos would you like to order?”

I'm so glad she's here. God answered my needs once again.

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Writeagain 10 years, 9 months ago

This is a really fun picture, even if it's in a sad sort of way.

And I'm glad Heidi's making you happy this weekend. :) I would like to meet her some day.

10 years, 9 months ago Edited